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Compliance Management

TKnP can offer a range of compliance consultancy, auditing and training solutions for the Lifescience and Transport sectors. We have provided training in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP), auditing services, risk management, train the trainer programmes, CAPA training and other innovative solutions to aid in the improvement of compliance metrics.

Compliance for the LifeScience Sector
TKnP Compliance Flyer
Compliance flyer.pdf (467.96KB)
Compliance for the LifeScience Sector
TKnP Compliance Flyer
Compliance flyer.pdf

In 2015 TKnP were involved with Skills for Logistics in gaining government funding and the development of new National Occupational Standards (NOS) in Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

TKnP developed the concept of behavioural Good Manufacturing Practices (bGMP) which was launched in Austraila, UK, Ireland and Singapore by SeerPharma in 2007. 

The concept has been further developed and is now a programme incorporating elements of Lean Six Sigma and error reduction techniques. Behavioural Good Pharmaceutical Practices (bGxP) is a trademark of TKnP and we can provide a fully bespoke programme to satisfy your organisational needs.

bGxP overview
bGxP overview.pdf (99.9KB)
bGxP overview
bGxP overview.pdf

For a FREE detailed copy of the bGxP article published in the book, "Achieving Quality and Compliance Excellence in Pharmaceuticals" or more information on our bGxP services please contact us.

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In the transport sector TKnP have designed and delivered training courses for FORS and have been instrumental in promoting the concept across the UK since its inception.

LifeScience Courses offered by TKnP/ bGxP