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Lean Six Sigma Improvement Programmes

Are you leaning towards Lean?

Lean Six Sigma is often perceived to be a miracle cure for a company’s ailments, providing the solution to a myriad of problems and a quick easy win after the initial investment in time and money. We can understand why as there are hundreds of articles, case studies and books promoting the benefits, but being typically human, we tend to mostly focus on results, the ‘bright lights’, which can often lead to us missing or ignoring the potential hurdles that we might have to face before actually achieving them. Like any new business initiative or project, introducing Lean Six Sigma will require some careful planning with possibly a radical rethink on our business strategy and some cultural tweaking. 

Lean is about Eliminating WASTE and increasing FLOW

Six Sigma is about Reducing Variation and Mitigating Error

Together they provide a formidable mix for achieving continuous improvement and some significant bottom line benefits.

TKnP have developed a simple self audit questionnaire designed to help identify whether Lean Six Sigma could and would work in your business and determine the company’s readiness for change. 

Please contact us for a FREE copy: Lean Questionnaire

What we offer:

  • Yellow and Green Belt training courses
  • Consultancy services targeting specific business objectives 
  • Bespoke improvement programmes covering aspects of Lean or Six Sigma or a whole company programme. 

Why Lean Six Sigma Training?

Lean Six Sigma is a set of principles and methodologies that will help organisations redefine the way they work towards growth. It isn’t just a simple matter of opening the toolbox and selecting the tools, as a practitioner of Lean Six Sigma you also need to understand concepts around organisational culture, change management and human behaviours to realise the full benefits and assure sustainability.  

TKnP currently offer two core courses:

  1. Yellow belt training- a two day introduction to the concept of Lean and six Sigma with some basic application of tools and techniques. There is a multiple choice test at the end of this course.
  2. Green belt training - a five day course that provides all the learning to allow the practitioner to learn in some detail the application of the various tools and when and where to apply them. There is a short test at the end of the programme and a requirement to complete two competence assessments.

What will I learn as a Green Belt Practitioner? 

Green Belt certification is the practitioner level and will give you a full understanding of Lean and Six sigma improvement methodologies and how to apply them in your work environment. This certification will immerse you in the vast improvement process culture, you will learn to improve daily processes using Lean and Six Sigma tools and you will also learn to define improvement projects, measure and analyse current metrics and reduce variation.

For a discussion on your Lean and/or Six Sigma needs please contact us for more information.

We will often incorporate other elements of our portfolio into defining the perfect solution for your business and with our expertise in reducing error and behavioural change we believe that we offer a unique solution to your business needs. 

Please see example below of a Green Belt course incorporating Error Reduction methodologies that we currently offer

lean six sigma.pdf (352.99KB)


We regularly deliver Yellow and Green Belt training programmes specifically for logistics operations in Dubai, Malaysia and Thailand. We also offer public training courses via the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), now incorporating the Institute of Operations Management.


Green Belt Training Course in Corby - 10th -13th April

Green Belt Training Course in Corby - 3rd - 6th July

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